MariTEL is a privately held corporation that provides unique and compelling 2-way radio solutions by leveraging exclusive geographic area FCC licenses and 25+ years experience operating marine VHF radio networks.


  • Geographic area licenses for VHF Public Coast spectrum
  • Coverage of most coastal areas & chief inland rivers within the continental U.S. in addition to Alaska, Hawaii and island territories
  • ​Up to 425 kHz of VHF spectrum
  • 4.6 MHz separation between base and mobile transmit frequencies
  • Flexibility for maritime or land based use with fixed and/or mobile systems
  • Radio over IP systems from Bosch-Telex and CTI Products
  • VHF radios from Motorola, Tait and Kenwood
  • Simplex or duplex channels for lease (short or long term) or purchase
  • Automated Radio Check service
  • Event radio systems
  • Private marine VHF repeater systems
  • Maritime advertising
  • Ship & coast station FCC licensing
  • Marine VHF interference & coverage analysis

FCC Licenses

Our Company at a Glance

Do I need a license for my VHF radio?

Have a VHF marine radio on shore or on your boat... need to figure out how, when or why to you get your FCC license?  Give us a call and we'll hep you navigate the process. 

Some of What We do:


Choosing a Dispatch System

Looking for a full-featured computer dispatch radio system?  Prefer to use your SmartPhone?  We can help!